WWE Female Wrestler Arrested For Tampa DUI

According to reports, Karlee Leliani Perez, aka as “Liviana” and “Candy Girl” in World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling, got the so-called smack down from law enforcement when she was arrested this summer for driving under the influence. Perez was stopped at Kennedy Boulevard and Moody Avenue in South Tampa.

The number of DUI convictions a person has in their past as well as whether there was an accident involving serious injuries relating to the DUI are factors that can impact the mandatory sentence in a drunk driving case. Generally, under Florida Statutes, courts are required to impose a driver’s license suspension, a hefty fine, at least six months of probation as well as DUI school as part of the sentence for a first DUI. It is for this reason that a DUI arrest should be taken seriously and why it is so important to hire an experienced DUI attorney to protect you.

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