Tampa, FL DUI Lawyer Jason Melton cautions Florida Motorists to contain drinking at Hillsborough and Pinellas County Superbowl Parties

Tampa, FL DUI Attorney Jason Melton expects Hillsborough County and Pinellas County Law Enforcement to be on alert for drunk drivers during the Superbowl weekend.

Tampa Bay Online reports that last year, Arizona Police stopped 544 cars on suspicion of drunk driving on Superbowl Sunday. And about six years ago, researchers at the University of Toronto determined automobile crashes climb more than 40 percent in the hours after the Super Bowl. The study pointed to alcohol consumption among the primary causes.

Some Things to Consider Superbowl Weekend:

Even the most careful drivers can be arrested for DUI. Even a victim of a car accident can be arrested for DUI if officers believe that you are impaired, and even if you didn’t cause the accident.

Under Florida law, no police officer can require a driver to perform field sobriety exercises or roadside coordination tests—they are always voluntary.

If you give a breath sample, you have the right to request an independent blood test to corroborate or challenge the breath test results. You just have to ask for one.

If you feel that you are being investigated for DUI, you always have the right to remain silent.

Please call a cab, call your hotel, or call a friend if you think that you’ve had too much to drink.

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