Tampa DUI Lawyer News Update: Tampa DUI Roadblocks and Speed Traps Beware…Phantom Alert Is Here

A new factor has been added to the ongoing constitutional battle between motorist and law enforcement. In recent years, law enforcement agencies have steered away from normal DUI traffic stops and instead have relied more and more on DUI Roadblocks. We saw the same transition many years ago with speedtraps and traffic enforcement.

PhantomAlert.com has changed the legal landscape. Its services–which cost around $10 a month — will alert the driver of approaching speedtraps and most importantly, DUI roadblocks. Phantom Alert can be downloaded to the Tom Tom, Garmin and other GPS devices.

It will be interesting to see if the software will make its way into Florida DUI Roadblock caselaw. Specifically, every year in Florida, some appellate court listens to arguments about a traffic stop being made when a motorist takes evasive or an unusual driving action to avoid a DUI Roadblock, such as turning into a neighborhood that they have no intention of going to, or making an unexpected U-turn.

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