Tampa DUI Lawyer News Update: Florida DHSMV Fouls up DUI Suspension on Tampa DUI Manslaughter

In 1998, William Ham was charged with a Hillsborough County DUI Manslaughter after he rear-ended 36-year-old Sandra Louise Allen’s car, and killed her. According to the St. Pete Times, after pleading guilty to the Tampa DUI Manslaughter back in 1998– and serving ten years Florida Prison – Mr. Ham walked into a DHSMV office and requested a new driver’s license. Shockingly, his is request was granted.

Despite the Court ordering that Mr. Ham receive a permanent Drivers License revocation as part of his DUI manslaughter sentence, the DHSMV mistakenly only placed a three-year revocation on his record–something more consistent with a DUI Serious Bodily Injury conviction. Mr. Ham’s stroke of luck was made public when he was recently arrested for a new Tampa DUI, but to the shock of those involved in his 1998 case, there was no charge of Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License.

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