Pinellas County State Attorney’s Office investigator arrested for DUI, drug trafficking

A 44-year-old investigator and researcher for the Pasco-Pinellas State Attorney’s Office has been arrested for allegedly pasco county driving under the influence, possession of a controlled substance and trafficking hydrocodone.

Tampa Bay Online is reporting that an Amscot Financial employee noticed a woman slumped over the wheel of her car early Sunday morning and then called for help.

Florida Highway Patrol reports say that the two law enforcement officers who were first on scene noted that her balance was unsteady and she had “extremely slurred speech.” A trooper asked the woman to do field sobriety checks—and she performed poorly, often swaying and nearly falling asleep while standing, the report states. She reportedly told the trooper she’s had numerous back surgeries and takes a lot of prescription medicine for the pain. She refused to give law enforcement a urine sample, but admitted to having prescription drugs in her system. There were also bottles of prescriptions found in her car.

Even though prosecutors don’t have a breath sample to gage whether this woman was under the influence of alcohol or a urine sample to ascertain the level of drugs in her system, they can rely on her admission as well as the pills found in her car to support their case for DUI. As for the drug trafficking charge, the threshold is very low for the amount of prescriptions that arise to trafficking the substance. I have noticed a trend as of late where prosecutors have been aggressively pursuing drug trafficking charges when it’s clear that the drug confiscated are for personal use. I’m interested to see if this trend continues in the new year.

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