St. Petersburg Man charged with DUI Manslaughter for death of St. Petersburg woman

St. Petersburg law enforcement has charged Timothy Michael Deacon for the DUI manslaughter of a St. Petersburg woman and DUI with serious bodily injury for the woman’s life-long partner relating to a hit and run on Coffee Pot Boulevard late last year.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that Gloria Mastell and Roger Wurr were walking down the picturesque road when 21-year-old Deacon, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, approached a bend in the road and lost control. His pickup truck hopped the curb and slammed into the couple with such force that Mastell was launched into the water, where she later died. Wurr was taken to Bayfront Medical Center with severe injuries. According to authorities, Deacon sped away from the scene–but not before a bystander was able to record his license plate number.

1398073_security_fence_4.jpg Later that night, Deacon was found by police at his home–sitting on the ground and smelling of alcohol. Reports allege that his eyes were bloodshot, his speech slurred and that his expression was blank.

Deacon has been charged with DUI manslaughter, DUI with serious bodily injury and leaving the scene of a crash involving death. While he has never been arrested and has no prior criminal history, Deacon still faces significant prison time for these charges. Under Florida law, felony DUIs are handled differently than misdemeanor DUI, not only because many times they involve serious injury or death, but because the Florida Criminal Punishment Code (FCPC) requires judges to impose harsher sentences. Even if a defendant has no criminal priors or no other convictions for DUI, the FCPC requires that anyone convicted of DUI manslaughter or DUI Serious Bodily injury to not be sentenced to anything less than approximately 3 to 3½ years Florida State Prison.

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