Palm Harbor, Florida DUI Attorneys :: Tampa Bay- Area Man Charged with DUI Following Collision with Deputy

A Palm Harbor, Florida man was charged with DUI after he apparently rear-ended a police cruiser Thursday afternoon.

The Associated Press is reporting that the 40-year-old man did not suffer any injuries, but the deputy sustained minor injuries.

The Pinellas County Sherriff’s Office reports that the man failed a field sobriety test by all accounts and had Oxycodone in his possession.

The Palm Harbor man was arrested and charged with DUI, DUI with personal injury, DUI with property damage and felony possession of a controlled substance. He has been released on $3,500 bail.

According to Florida law, any person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs that causes property damage or personal injury to another is guilty of a first degree misdemeanor. Mandatory minimum sentencing can apply if this man has any prior DUI convictions. If this is a first time occurrence, the maximum sentence is one year in jail and a $1,000 fine. A first time DUI carries consequences of six months in jail and a $500 fine.

Any DUI case with property damage or personal injury is viewed very seriously in the eyes of Florida law. Published government agency statistics show that DUI accidents make up almost forty percent of fatal vehicle collisions and just about ten percent of these car crashes involve alcohol.

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