Lakeland Man Facing DUI Manslaughter Charges After Father’s Death

A 33-year-old Lakeland man has been charged with DUI manslaughter after his father died from his injuries in a January crash.

The man was already in Polk County Jail after the crash, which occurred Jan. 21.

At that time, the man had been charged with DUI leaving scene involving bodily injury.

The man’s father was hospitalized after the crash and died on March 27, according to reports.

Authorities announced the new charge against the man on Tuesday.

The man’s father suffered multiple broken bones in the crash and was being treated at Lakeland Regional Health before he died.

Facing charges that deal with taking someone else’s life is terrifying. DUI Manslaughter charges carry serious lifelong penalties that will follow you around forever. Because of the severity of these charges, you need to enlist legal help as soon as possible, so that you can have the best defense strategy possible.

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