Tampa, Florida DUI Lawyer :: Central Florida Man Charged with DUI Manslaughter

A Plant City, Florida man was arrested Thursday night on charges of DUI manslaughter, which the Florida Highway Patrol says is in connection with a fatal March 6 crash.

Troopers stated that the man was driving a 1999 Ford Escort, heading east, when he crashed into a 2005 Toyota Corolla almost head on.

According to the report, the passenger of the Toyota Corolla was killed and the driver was injured. Also killed, was the passenger in the Plant City man’s Ford Escort. The man driving was injured as well.

During the investigation, the Plant City man’s BAC was allegedly twice the legal limit in Florida at 0.216.

The man faces the manslaughter charge, one count of DUI involving serious bodily injury, one count of DUI property damage, and a traffic citation for driving on the wrong side of the roadway.

He is awaiting his first appearance on Friday at the Hillsborough County jail.

DUI manslaughter is considered a Second Degree Felony in the state of Florida. This offense is punishable through heavy fines, restitution, and a maximum of 15 years imprisonment. For the charge of DUI involving serious bodily injury, the man could be found guilty of a Third Degree Felony punishable by $5,000 in fines and up to five years behind bars. This man could be facing a permanent license revocation as well.

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