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A University of Florida baseball player was arrested Sunday night for DUI after allegedly performing poorly on field sobriety exercises.

The UF senior refused a breathalyzer following his arrest.

According to the arrest report, the 22-year-old baseball student-athlete was observed by an officer making wide turns and drifting towards a curb while navigating his vehicle. The officer also noted that the man’s eyes were supposedly bloodshot and glassy.

The Gainesville college baseball player was released from the Alachua County jail on Monday and has been suspended from the University of Florida baseball team.

In this case, the student-athlete refused a breathalyzer test so there is no exact measurement of breath, blood or urine that can prove he was driving under the influence of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, medication or a combination of the three. However, in the state of Florida, State Prosecutors do not need the results of these tests to enforce a DUI charge. Since the arresting officer noted that the man’s actions did not maintain normal faculties, this could be sufficient evidence for the state to prove their case against the defendant.

The Florida DHSMV will immediately suspend the man’s driver’s license for a full 12 months for his refusal to submit to a breath test. This Gainesville baseball player has 10 days from his arrest to challenge and appeal his administrative suspension and obtain a Temporary Drivers Permit. By contacting a Florida DUI attorney, an appeal can be started and an investigation into any information or evidence can be gathered to put towards trial, in the event the case makes it that far.

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