Florida DUI Attorneys Whittel & Melton Warn Residents of FHP’s Increased Traffic and DUI Checks Thanksgiving Weekend

As we near one of the biggest holiday seasons beginning with Thanksgiving and ending with New Year’s, it is important to be aware of road safety initiatives that are being implemented from coast to coast. While you and your family celebrate and enjoy this holiday season, keep in mind that with the large number of celebrations and parties, local law enforcement will increase their focus on traffic checkpoints.

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that the Florida Highway Patrol is increasing its efforts to catch traffic violators over Thanksgiving week. FHP pilots will be patrolling statewide to spot unsuspecting violators from a fixed wing aircraft.

FHP said that supervisors and traffic homicide investigators will be stepping in to assist with ticketing speeders and investigating possible intoxicated or impaired drivers.

The agency warned that troopers will be ticketing for seat belt violations and baby car seats will also be checked.

According to the FHP, Florida roads on Thanksgiving Day are not the most dangerous. The agency identifies Labor Day 2010 as the worst.

Overall, traffic fatalities in the Sunshine State are decreasing. In 2010, FHP reported 2,444 deaths, down almost five percent from the 2,563 fatalities on Florida’s roads in 2009.
Turkey day traffic fatalities are said by the FHP to be rising again. In fact, statistics show that 52 lives were lost in 2008, 36 in 2009 and 38 in 2010.

These enhanced https://www.thefllawfirm.com/lawyer-attorney-1511739.htmltraffic and DUI enforcements undoubtedly coincide with a new study released by the National Safety Council that predicts Thanksgiving traffic accidents and fatalities nationwide. According to statistical analysis, the NSC predicts this holiday weekend more than 43,000 people will be injured and more than 400 will be killed.

It is important to remember that DUI checkpoints are legal if they are carried out in a reasonable manner, meaning that police must have an unbiased method for stopping drivers. Courts have ruled that while DUI checkpoints can be viewed as invasive, that is generally offset by the concerns for public safety.

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