Florida DUI Attorney :: Rapper Flo Rida Arrested for DUI on Miami Beach

The Miami Beach Police Department arrested the rapper known as Flo Rida early Thursday morning for DUI and driving with a suspended license.

The 31-year-old rapper caught the eye of Miami Beach police after he allegedly swerved through South Beach in his two-door 2008 Bugatti. The arresting officer said the rapper had watery, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the smell of alcohol on his breath.

According to a Miami Beach Police Department spokesperson, Flo Rida’s blood alcohol level was .185.

The rapper was supposedly instructed to perform a test of walking a straight line on a smooth surface; however, police reports indicate the man failed after two attempts and allegedly made a comment to an officer about having a few drinks and not being able to walk a straight line.

A routine computer allegedly revealed the rapper’s driver’s license was suspended on May 3 for failure to pay a traffic fine.

Flo Rida was arrested and transported to the Miami Dade Correctional Department. A judge signed an order allowing Flo Rida to travel to Bangkok, Thailand for a series of upcoming concerts.

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The consequences of a DUI in Florida can be far-reaching and extremely callous. Even if you are facing a first time offense, a conviction can bring you 50 hours of community service, a hefty fine, impoundment of your vehicle, probation for up to a year and having your licensed suspended for a good amount of time. When you tack on factors such as a breath or blood alcohol level above .15 percent, a minor in the vehicle or previous infractions, such as a suspended license, the penalties multiply significantly.

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