Country Star Lynn Anderson Arrested for DUI

One-time country superstar Lynn Anderson, who is best known for her 1970 country-pop crossover hit “Rose Garden,” was arrested early on Friday on a DUI charge after she was apparently involved in an accident in Nashville, according to police.

The report claims that 66-year-old Anderson “admitted to consuming alcoholic beverages and prescription medication” before the accident happened around 9 p.m. Thursday.

Anderson had several top-10 hits in the 1970s and 1980s, and won a Grammy and multiple country music awards.

13963181116_4c665cf2f4_mThe singer was booked into the Metro Jail early on Friday morning and later released after posting $5,000 bail.

Most people fail to realize that driving while under the influence of certain medications can result in an arrest for DUI. It does not matter if the prescription meds were legally prescribed by a doctor and taken in a lawful manner. When it comes to a DUI arrest, do  not take underestimate the severity of the situation and do not take your innocence for granted.

A Florida police officer may stop a driver on suspicion of prescription drug DUI in the exact same manner as driving under the influence of alcohol. While a typical breath test may only show that alcohol was used in combination with prescription drugs, a field sobriety test could help the officer determine that the driver’s normal faculties were impaired.

Because these tests are not accurate, an arrest for prescription drug DUI must include a blood test or urine test to further substantiate that drugs were actually present in the driver’s system at the time of arrest. When it comes to prescription drugs, the amount of medication that can affect a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle safely varies with each drug and the driver’s tolerance to the drug.

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