Bushnell DUI Manslaughter Lawyer :: Sumter County, Florida DUI Manslaughter Charged in Motorcycle Accident

An awful Sumter County truck/motorcycle accident from this past March involving two trucks and two motorcycles, resulting in four deaths, has led to a man being charged with four counts of DUI Manslaughter, four counts of Vehicular Homicide and one count of Driving While License Suspended and/or Revoked.

According to news reports, the accident occurred on a Saturday night, as the accused attempted to pass a 2003 Dodge Truck in his 1991 GMC Truck by using the oncoming lane on CR 476. Unfortunately, the pass was unsuccessful and resulted in the 1991 GMC Truck hitting two motorcycles head on.

The Sumter County DUI Manslaughter Attorney assigned to this case will have his work cut out for him or her. Most notably, there are a myriad of different ways the prosecution can go on this case based on the facts. It will be interesting to see how the depositions of the witnesses in the 2003 Dodge Truck turn out. In all Felony prosecutions in the State of Florida, the Defense and the State are entitled to depose certain types of listed witnesses prior to trial. It has been reported that one of the motorcyclist who lost their life that evening was actually ejected directly into the windshield of the Dodge truck.

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