Brooksville DUI Attorney News Update: Three drivers taken in for DUI in two-hour period

Friday evening proved to be a busy night for Hernando County DUI officers as three suspected Brooksville drunk drivers were taken into custody within two hours of each other.

According to Kyle Martin of Hernando Today, the first DUI arrest allegedly stemmed from a domestic altercation that turned into a high speed chase through the streets of Brooksville. Allegedly, the officers found the suspect and attempted to make a traffic stop, but instead followed what was described as a pattern of reckless driving to the suspect’s home. Ultimately, charges of DUI and Fleeing and Eluding were levied. Although a Florida DUI is a serious crime, it is a misdemeanor. Fleeing and Eluding on the other hand, is a third-degree felony and any conviction has a mandatory adjudication per Florida Statute– which means that the court cannot accept a withhold of adjudication.

Later that evening, Hernando County officers also arrested two drivers for DUI who allegedly BAC results of .254 and .259. These results, if proven to be valid and taken from properly maintained breath test equipment, could prove to be problematic for the defendants as the Florida DUI Breath Alcohol limit is .08.

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